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Mona Vanderwaal Appreciation Week 2014

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Congratulations Toby, you are forever free from your abuser. We are glad that you were able to move on from what happened to you, and live a whole, happy life. We are happy that you were able to find happiness, love, career satisfaction, courage, bravery and friendship. And most of all, the utter freedom to choose what to do with your life, and who to have in your life. Congratulations Toby, y o u  a r e  f r e e

Spencer & Toby - AU Pregnancy (part 2)

in case you forgot part 1 here

Spoby Hiatus Meme

{1/1} AU Setting: The Wedding [It’s been 7 years since they got their last ‘A’ texts, and on the day of their ninth anniversary of being a couple, they finally get married, beginning their happily ever after.]

2x12 // 5x12

spencer/toby + the way they look at each other; part two {1}

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